Christmas Shopping using Price Alert and Basket Buddy

With less than 90 days before Christmas (yes, you read correctly), it will soon be time to start thinking about Christmas presents. Here’s a couple of tools that may help you save money on those purchases :

Wiggle Price Alert

Our Price Alert may help you snag a bargain in the buildup to Christmas. You simply select the item you are interested in buying, set a ‘target’ price you want to buy at – or, choose ‘any price drop’. Our price alert service will then check the prices at Wiggle daily for up to 90 days and notify you via e-mail should the price drop. It’s a great way to benefit from any potential sale, without having to check the price on a regular basis yourself. Although this service runs all year round, it may be particularly useful for Christmas shopping since you probably don’t need to buy this item immediately.

So, you need a new tire soon, or want to buy your niece a Fitbit for Christmas and the current price isn’t tempting you to buy today. You don’t need to buy them immediately, so you can afford to see if the price drops. Simply set up an alert and Price Alert will watch it for you!

Of course, the price could go up as well as down, so it’s up to you to determine the best time (and place) to buy.

Wiggle Basket Buddy

For those stocking filler presents or small but essential items, you may find yourself falling short of the ‘free delivery’ minimum spend (£12 at time of writing), meaning you are faced with a £2.99 delivery charge for standard delivery. If you are buying an item for £11.49 for example, you are £0.51 short of free delivery so will pay the £2.99  delivery charge. In this instance, you can use Basket Buddy to find any item for £0.51 (or closest to) to save you the delivery cost, making your overall cost of your order potentially cheaper, for example :

Item I want            = £11.49
Delivery Charge = £2.99

Total                          = £14.48

Or :

Item I want            = £11.49
Low value item    = £0.51      <- I used Basket Buddy to find this
Delivery Charge = FREE

Total                          = £12.00

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