How long to ride the Prudential 100?

A quick analysis of the 100 mile finishers times for 2015 put the most common finishing times (estimated) to complete the Prudential 100 to be:

5 hours 15 minutes for men (across all age categories) with an average of 6 hours 12 minutes.

7 hours 20 minutes for women (across all age categories) with an average of 6 hours 59 minutes.

What’s the difference?

The average is the sum of all the finish times (within a category), divided by the number of participants in that category. This means a particularly fast (or slow) rider can swing the average.

The most common finishing time categorizes all the finish times into 5 minute intervals and identifies the highest number of finish times in a single interval, giving the figure ‘most riders finished in..’.

However, it is worth noting that in the womens category there appears to be very little variation in the number of riders with finishing times anywhere between 5 hours 30 mins and 8 hours 10 mins (with only a minor increase around 7 hours 20 minutes). So you may see other figures quoted within this range.

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(Note: Figures are based on approximations and may contain errors. They are not endorsed or verified by event organizers.)

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